Link Types vs Quality 0

Link Types vs Quality

Below a quick classification of some link types and their quality in the post Penguin/Panda world. Remember its all about balance. Having excessive thin directory links even if from lcoal or industry niche specific...

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Google Turns the Heat Up Even More, with Penguin 2.1

Its been a couple of weeks now since Google released the Penguin 2.1 update. Although Google has claimed that only 1% of search results have been effected, it looks like a ton of people have been burnt yet again. After reading up a few related blog posts and forums where real people have shared real data, here’s the kind of links Google has now started targeting with Penguin 2.1

Post Penguin – Link Building Mind Map 0

Post Penguin – Link Building Mind Map

Here’s a mind map with a chock-full of link building tips in the brave new world after Penguin and Panda were released by Google. Click on the image to zoom in, and download the...

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Google Takes Aim At Press Releases

Google has now updated its Link Schemes documents in the guidelines saying that it now considers optimized links inside content distributed across other sites as in Articles or Press Releases to be considered unnatural....

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Guest Blogging – Now Being Targeted

It appears that as of August 2013, Google is now going to target websites that are indulging in mass guest posts – IF the posts and/or the sites being posted to are of low...

Link Clean Up and Removal Process Overview 0

Link Clean Up and Removal Process Overview

Here’s an high level overview of the link clean up and removal process… Do You have access to Automated Link Analysis Tools like Detox, LinkRisk, Cognitive SEO etc? IF YES… Download Your Backlink Profile...